KAVO Rotor Replacement – How to repair dental Turbine in 10 Minutes

KaVo Rotor Replacement

Kavo Rotor / Turbines and properties:

Dental Turbines have a significant role in day by day activity of a Dentist and it’s the most used instrument which was improved in time.
Actual Dental Turbines achieve high performance and give conform and precise work of the dentist for high-quality treatments.

  • Nowadays turbines have Xenon light or LED light for via glass rod light conductor which enables true-color, anti-glare, and uniform lighting of the entire mouth with more than 40,000 lux which perfect lighting is guaranteed. Even around the molars
  • Precision Cooling for Precise Treatments from 1 till 5 Spray Nozzles which ensures safe work with optimum cooling of the preparation site. Specially developed nozzles provide for a clear view and a comfortable noise level during treatment.
  • Unchecked Silent Running with Every Rotation with Ceramic Bearings! Kavo rotors with Ceramic Bearings run quietly, lightly, and without vibrations. The result is a significantly longer lifetime than steel bearings. This means lower wear and lower follow-up costs. And a quiet working environment.
  • Assembled with Ceramic Bearings Kavo rotors With over 40 N of retention force, the spindle guarantees that the drill bit is securely held. The vibration-free running allows optimum handling results and results in a sound level of less than 60dB. This makes them very quiet dental turbine in its class.

In this video, we will show you how easy can be to replace a compatible kavo rotor for any of this model which principle is quite similar, and if you have some questions you can contact us anytime via our support email [email protected] or by direct chat on WhatsApp!

KAVO Air Rotor Replacement

Here will see How to Replece Kavo Air Rotor on next models KAVO High Speed Dental Turbinesf: 630B / 640B / 636CP / 646B / 639B / 642B / 645B / 647B / 649B / 650B / 655B / 659BR / 660B / 655B / 660B / 4500B / 5000B / 6000B / 6500B /7000B /6500BR / 8000B / E675L / E677L / E679L / E680L / S609C / S619C / S605C / S615L / M8900L / M9000L / 635B / 637B /M8700L

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